Potoart Photo Editor and Sticker.

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Potoart Photo Editor and Sticker.

No more thinking!! Let’s start photo editing using potoart photo editing & sticker app.

Imagine your ideas using POTOART. It is an excellent application for every need. POTOART is a multitasking app for photo editing app and also a design. There is no reason to travel to any place when you have POTOART – Photo Editing & STICKERS application. With POTOART, you can improve your business’ image by creating an attractive business card, corporate logo, becoming a party hound, creating invitation cards that invite friends, creating Social Media posters and templates, and more!!

It's Perfect for Me........Yes, I need this!

Automatic Background Removal

Using POTOART, you can utilize this tool to remove the background automatically. This feature lets the background of your uploaded photo disappear with one click. There is no additional manual effort required using tools like the Eraser tools. It will be a fully cut-ready or Print-Then-Cut-ready image just like.
We’re sure you will love this new feature. You can rest assured that you’ll get additional new Design features & effects over the following months.

Background remover

Automatically & Manually

Top Photo Editing Features.

POTOART is a fantastic combination of an innovative image editing tool. 

Photo Editor

POTOART is a fantastic combination of a cutting-edge image editing tool. It makes working simple and relaxing; therefore, let's begin with the application POTOART right now.

Let's flip it

Select the Flip button to rotate the photo horizontally. Option-click to change the image vertically. Select Reset when you'd like to eliminate the cropping or straightening adjustments.

Automatically Enhance Pics

Even in the absence of an expert in editing, You can improve the photo's colour and contrast using the auto-enhance button, the magic wand icon in the toolbar. If you aren't happy with the new look, hit the icon again, or Revert to the original to undo the change.

The Freeform Layouts

You can manually adjust the frame by dragging it and clicking across the selection rectangle using the Freeform. If you're looking for a specific measurement, you can select Aspect or choose an appropriate ratio or select "Customize" and enter your desired balance.


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