How do Covenant Eyes work?

Covenant Eyes helps you to stop watching porn by keeping track of all your gadgets and providing a detailed report of your activity on your device to a friend or ally. This report helps you stay accountable to your friend or ally and can help you start conversations about accountability.

How to describe covenant eyes?

Covenant Eyes is described as offering filters and accountability solutions that include filtering of websites according to content, monitoring and logging sites that are visited, and reports in the form of an app within the Security and Privacy category.

We suggest Covenant Eyes accountability and filtering for high school or older.

Make use of Covenant Eyes as a transition away from Bark or Mobicip to try to help teens learn to track their own behavior by establishing accountability. Also, you can add CE together with apple’s Screen Time.


Suitable for ages of 18 and up: Covenant Eyes could be used by a mature middle school student however it’s more appropriate for students in high school and above who are ready to be monitored by a caring adult or friend.


The Strengths of: a report of online activities is delivered by an accountable partner, a parent, or another trusted adult. It’s the effectiveness of positive, accountable, and god-honoring interactions that promote proper online behavior. Filters by themselves won’t help older children. They just attempt to outdo them. Accountability motivates people to make informed choices, thus making fundamental changes in their behavior. Covenant Eyes invented online accountability.

What are the reasons we choose to use other options instead of conventional eyes?

A single word answer is that “Most advanced and automatic porn and other 18+ content tools for restricting content are accessible with accountability assistance from partners. In the sense of “Covenant Eyes” they only monitor your online activities and filter it; however, many alternatives are readily accessible in the present. Let’s discuss the latest and advanced porn restriction applications.

#1 porn block app for iPhone users:

porn block app

The same as the covenant eyes “Porn Block” application helps you stop watching porn by automatically blocking all porn-related and other inappropriate contents and provides accountability partner support that enables you to recover from porn addiction by connecting with friends, family, or associated doctors. It’s a beneficial application for your family. It’s highly prevented you and your family from inappropriate content and sites.

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