Does masturbation have any health benefits to me?

Masturbation is a natural and safe expression of sexuality that is suitable for women and men. It’s not likely to cause emotional or physical injury, and it can be used in moderation for the rest of your life. It’s normal sexual behavior that is common among those who have a partner.

Masturbation was once thought of as an act of perversion, it is now seen as an indication of a mental health issue. It is now viewed as an acceptable and healthy practice that’s enjoyable and secure. It’s a fantastic method to enjoy sexual pleasure that can be enjoyed for a long period of time.

In a nationwide study in the US 95% of males as well as 89% females have reported that they had masturbated. For many, masturbation is the first experience with sexuality. When they are young the practice of masturbation is an integral aspect of growing children’s fascination and exploration of their bodies. Many people are masturbating as they enter the adulthood phase, and a lot of them do this for the duration of their lives.

If there’s one thing which almost everyone on earth knows about and that is masturbation, it’s it. Through the years, it is possible to believe that you have all you can about masturbation. However, there’s plenty of information that you aren’t aware of the subject as it is an area with enormous potential to explore.

Doctor’s opinion on Masturbation is healthy

Medical science has proven that masturbation does not have any negative impacts on growth, health and fertility, as well as sexual power. It reduces “sexual anxiety” and allows people to be more comfortable with their gender and relationship. Through exploring your body by masturbating and sex, you will discover what you are drawn to erotically.

In reality when it comes to medical recommendations, masturbation is an absolute yes-no. This is because masturbation provides positive health effects too:

  1. When you exercise your body, cortisol levels decrease within your body. This decreases stress levels but also improves your immune system. In the end, when you feel orgasmic, positive neurochemicals such as dopamine and Oxytocin enter your bloodstream. They are the most effective dopamine-producing substances accessible to you.
  2. If you’re suffering from a headache that’s daily or menstrual cramps, masturbation can aid you in coping with it. Medically speaking, women experience the uterine muscles contract when they are they are masturbating. They ease menstrual cramps.
  3. If you’re a masturbate you get to know your body more than you have ever before. It helps you overcome your anxieties. It lets you determine what is effective for you and what’s not.

Doctors generally consider masturbation to be harmful when it blocks sexual interaction with the person you are with. It can also cause to experience stress. Sometimes, it leads to pain or disrupt everyday activities and life when it is performed in a compulsive manner. If you are with a partner and they are physically and emotionally able for sexual relations. Doctors advise you to engage with real sex rather than self-stimulation.


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The view of Eastern culture on Masturbation

The opinions on masturbation are different between world religions. Certain religions believe it to be physically harmful, others believe it’s physically and mentally damaging however, others hold an ‘eventual’ view.

Within the religions of the latter some consider masturbation to be acceptable when it is used for sexual self-control or as a part of a healthy exploration. However, they don’t permit masturbation to be performed for inappropriate reasons or for addiction.

Since the beginning, masturbation was considered a sin, regulated by doctors, and employed since the beginning of the age of. Our ancestors were using techniques of masturbation quite similar, if perhaps more sophisticated than ours.

A Chinese Taoist Perspective

Tantric missionaries carried their sexual secrets encoded in China as well as other regions of Asia. In the Han Dynasty of China (200 BC 220 BC – 220 AD) introduced the knowledge of Taoism. This was the very one of the first Asian culture to create an instruction manual on sexuality for the average male (and females too!).

Although Taoism allowed a variety of sexual acts but generally did not approve of masturbation due to the same reasons as tantra. Since ejaculation without the body of a woman was technically unnatural, it was a loss of the essence of existence.

Chinese artist Zhou Fang depicted these sexual actions on scrolls and had a profound influence on Japanese court art from the same time. At the turn of 19th-century, Japanese artisits created woodstamped images of porn that included masturbation. In one instance one, a woman has fun with an Octopus.

Indian Kamasutra Perspective

Kamasutra is an ancient Indian Sanskrit text that discusses sexuality, eroticism, and how to maintain an emotionally satisfied mind. It is believed to be the work of Vatsyayana The Kamasutra isn’t exclusively nor specifically a guide to sexuality and sexual roles. It is written as an instruction manual for the art of living the right life as well as the essentials of love and searching for a soul mate. As well as preserving the love life, and other enjoyment-based capabilities of the human body.

Self-pleasure isn’t a criminal crime in Hinduism. The desire for Kama is among the goals that are four of life. Except for those who have made an oath in the name of Brahmacharya, Hinduism grants complete freedom in sexuality.

The Kama Sutra (4th century – 6th century AD) does not condone masturbation. It outlines how to use the best technique for various forms of masturbation.

Who will benefit from a bit of mastication?

Although you might remember your teens in the early years as one of the most intense when they were masturbating. The actual action typically happens later. As per the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior conducted by Indiana University. Masturbation patterns for men typically reach an optimum level when they are between the ages of 18 to 29 years old.

But, there’s one huge restriction. It’s crucial to recognize that in any research on masturbation, the amount of underreporting could be substantial. Many people are reluctant to take part in surveys related to sensitive issues like masturbation.

The frequency of sex-related pastimes diminishes after 30. But why is this happening? Does testosterone diminish with age, consequently decreasing our desire to sex? Perhaps it’s because now that we’re older, we have children, jobs as well as bills that need to be paid in addition to other obligations? We don’t have time and the freedom to scream whenever you need to?

Masturbation could be positive or negative for you, based on your age. It’s a private sexual act that is commonplace, but the public doesn’t discuss it as often. Regular masturbation can increase the chance of developing prostate cancer. It also, in certain instances, it decreases the risk of getting it in the period of 20-30. When men reach fifty, masturbation can defend against certain cancer. It helps eliminate the toxins that accumulate throughout life.

Who should not indulge in this?

Clinically speaking, there is no age too young to allow children to get their bodies explored. The act of masturbating in an early age is frequent. But, the group of those who are under 30 who have the urge to sex the most, shouldn’t do so. Here’s why:

Impacts your work life A habit of consuming excessive amounts of alcohol could affect your relationships and other aspects of life. The excessive amount of mingling can affect your study or work schedule and can impact your productivity.

Penis injuries A lot of rough or frequent masturbation could cause minor skin irritation. Bending an erect penis with force could cause a rupture of the blood-filled chambers which is a rare, but terrifying condition called penile fracture.

Influences relationships when you’re a young male with either a wife or girlfriend .You might have to listen to her sexual desires in certain situations. Sexual harassment can harm your relationships with your loved ones because you do not spend more time with your spouse. They may notice or even think that you are loving less or pay less the attention they require.

Last Thoughts

Some people masturbate quite frequently. They could establish a habit to have a masturbation session once per week or even once per day. Or as many times as one is able to feel throughout the day, which is the case often. There are some who don’t even masturbate, which is perfectly normal too.

There are a myriad of myths about masturbation. Though experts have disproved them many times, they appear to be resurfacing. The science does not support the majority of stories concerning masturbation. Most of the time, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that masturbation is a cause of issues. Also, they do not have any negative side consequences.

The addiction to sexual activity only begins when it interferes with the flow of your work, duties, or even your relationships in social settings. If this is a problem for you, it is best to seek out a counsellor or a therapist for sex.

There are people who feel embarrassed or even embarrassed when discussing masturbation. Masturbation is normal, healthy, and is not an excuse to feel guilty. Many people are taught from a young age that masturbating isn’t a good thing and then feel guilty about it. If this is the way you feel, bear in mind that virtually everyone is masturbating. It’s completely normal and there’s nothing wrong with it. Speak to a counsellor or therapist, as they may aid you when you are having trouble managing guilt-related feelings.

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